Swiping another from PBW’s Rejuvy 10.   This one suggested: A to Z: make an alphabetical list of things you love, hate, want, avoid, or otherwise feel strongly about.

Soooooo….A-Z, things I hate

Anchovies, Bermuda Shorts (on me), Cantalope, Dolman Sleeves (on me), Egg Whites, Fruitcake, Generic Body Lotion, Hawaiian Print Shirts (on me), Idiots, Jerks, Kiss-ups, Lime Green, Marzipan, Nair (the smell), Orange Seeds, Pomegranate Juice, Questionable Personal Hygience, Rashes, Sunburns, Turkey Bacon, Underwire Bras, Violence against Kids, Websites with Day-Glo Pink, X-rays at the Dentist (I don’t like dentist appts…shudder), Yucky smells, Zebra-striped clothes.

Took me close to ten minutes to do the A-Z.  Wanna toss your A-Z out?