Readers, reviewers I got to meet…

I briefly got to meet Jane Little of Dear Author.

Briefly spoke with Sarah of Smart Bitches, AND got my book signed.

Met Katiebabs who bought me a drink…and she OWED me that drink, because she scarred me for life on twitter.

Met Janine who reviews at Dear Author-a complete sweetheart!

Also got to meet two ladies I’ve known online for a while, but haven’t had a chance to meet… Azteclady who blogs over at Karen Scott’s blog, and Rosie.

Spoke briefly with Michelle Buonfiglio-she recently blogged about the digital divide between epubs and traditional pubs.

Got to see the infamous Bad Barb and Joni (sp?) again.

Joy from Joyfully Reviewed.

All the names are running together…but man, I met a LOT of people.  More to come over the next few days.  Don’t forget, all you have to do to win a prize is make a comment on any of my DC related posts, including this one.  Will post winning name after I get back from my next (whimper) trip out of town.