A romance writer's pilgrimage

So what’s a romance writer’s pilgrimage?

For this writer, a pilgrimage consists of a trip to a small town in Maryland where one particular author lives.  She has a bookstore and an inn. I went and stared in amazement at the bookstore (there’s a room just for NR’s stuff) and I also decided that the DH and I need a trip to the Inn.

We stopped here on the way home from Nationals.  I mean, it was literally right there-how could I not stop?

Naturally, I bought some books.  And a fairy. Being the NR fangirl I am, I also took pictures.

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Inn Boonsboro
Inn Boonsboro

So now I just need to convince the DH that I really do need to drive several hours to go to this one bookstore again.  Although there are some Civil War battlefields fairly close by.  Could convince him I’m doing research…

Don’t forget, anybody that comments while I’m blogging about RWA (and yes, this was part of RWA for me) gets entered into a contest for a prize giveaway-namely some of the goodies I picked up at RWA.