Twitter Contest for The Redeeming…for reviewers!

Just a little over a week until The Redeeming releases from Samhain.  Just a reminder, this book has been published before thru Triskelion, but I did some revisions and added some to the story.  It’s definitely a smoother read this time, I think. Details on the contest below…

The blurb:

Bred for destruction but longing for redemption, this second chance is all they have.

Faced with the choice of torment or redemption, Jonah accepts the bargain laid out by his guardian angel as he lies dying in the street alone. Change…or die. Not a hard choice, it seems. But then he meets Lily and has to wonder just what he’s agreed to by accepting this new life.

Even the angels call Lily unique—and she is. Born of a demon, but longing to be more, her one wish is granted—temporarily. But now her time is running out and she has an impossible task set before her, and it doesn’t help that she can’t stop thinking of Jonah…or the very real demons that will come hunting her once they realize where she is.

With demons and angels tracking their every move, Jonah and Lily have a life to save before they can save themselves.

Warning: This title contains some hot loving, a desperate struggle between wrong and right, some angels, some demons and a race against time.

I don’t have the details yet, but we’re trying something new out at Samhain-we’re having a ‘virtual booksigning’-I’ll post the details when I have them.

Onto the ‘contest’ part.

This is the first time I’ve attempted to do a contest on twitter.  Here’s how it works…I’m going to set #theredeeming (I think).  If you’d like to review the book, just tweet a comment with the hashtag.  I’ll keep track and draw a couple of names-not sure how many yet, depends on how many respond.

If your name is selected, I just ask for two things:

  1. a tweet about the book when it releases on Friday, July 3.  I’ll post a tweet about it with a link to the excerpt and you can just retweet that.
  2. You tweet a review (or a link to a review) within a week of the book’s release.  Although on release day would be great.

The rules:

  • You must be a reviewer-either on a review site or thru your own blog is fine  Reader review blogs, like Karen Scott’s, Book Binge, etc, etc are fine. (I might do one for readers as well-not sure yet).  I will contact those I select for a link to their site/blog.  FYI, it must be an ESTABLISHED blog with reviews already available.
  • You can’t share the ebook.  Pretty please…if you read my blog much, you know my stand on piracy.  If you fileshare, then please, respect my wishes and don’t enter the contest.
  • The prize IS a digital book, so if you don’t read ebooks…don’t enter.
  • Please remember to tweet about the book (soon, otherwise I won’t know to enter you) and tweet the review within a week of the release (by July 10).  If the contest goes well, I may do more in the future and if you aren’t able to hold up your end of the bargain (tweeting the review within a week), I won’t consider drawing your name in the future.

That’s it…tweet away.