Survey says…

Okay, the survey was a pain. Times 10.  To the nth degree.  If I realized how big it would get, I either wouldn’t have done it, or I would have found a better way.  Being unprepared, I used survey monkey’s free service, which limited my responses to 100.  After I reached the 100, I set up another.  By about the third survey, I figured this wasn’t going to work and I upgraded to the paid service, which was better, except I couldn’t group the responses together automatically, which meant I had to do…shudder… math.

Because the reponses were so widely varied (adding the comment option seemed a good idea at the time-it’s one I question now), I’m NOT listing all responses.  I’m hitting the highlights, however, I’ll try to remember to upload the pdfs somewhere-probably SCRIBD, so people can look at them if they wish.  Just be patient-there are a lot of things being discussed in a number of places about the issues with epubs and RWA and it’s eating my brain matter away.  Plus my sitter took a few days off and I’m still trying to find the peace and patience to write much while my kids are home. (Heaven help me).

So without further ado…here is what I gleaned as the highlights.  Bear in mind-I shudder at math and since I had to group the responses, I can’t guarantee the answers are dead on.  But they should be close.

  • 524 people took the survey-I initially thought it was 600-was wrong.  524
  • Of the 524, 341 (roughly 68%) are members of RWA.
  • Of the 524, 405 (roughly 81%) are published.
  • Of the 524, 97 (roughly 19%) are aspiring writers.
  • Of the 524, 18 (roughly 3%) are industry pros.  Now these figures don’t match up and I’m not sure exactly what the issue was-it
  • Of those published, 158 (roughly 31%) are pubbed by traditional print publishers
  • Of those published, 360 (roughly 72%) are pubbed by ebook authors-there is some overlap, because a few of us do write for both.
  • Of those who responded to this question~493 of the 524, (some people did skip the question)  93%, 467 people,  feel RWA needs to do more to educate their members on epublishing.  That 93% consists of epubbed, traditionally pubbed, and aspiring.

There were a few numbers that overlapped.  There were a few questions that kind of repeated, or just didn’t quite highlight the overall points and I didn’t mess with doing those numbers.  It’s very hard to calculate with you have 3 year old begging you to draw her a fly-boat-it’s wonder pets.  If you have no toddlers, don’t ask…another shudder.

Anyway, if I remember, I’ll get the files loaded onto scribd once I get them download.  Thanks to all that participated.  Feel free to share the numbers I’ve posted, as long as you make it clear this survey was in no way official, formal, approved by RWA or anybody other than me…