Perfect people

I got a headsup from Michelle over the Barnes & Noble boards that she’d blogged about Devon from FRAGILE.

She was discussing the subject of addicts and addictions in romance.  For those that don’t know, the heroine in FRAGILE is a recovering addict-she was abused as a child and ended up hooked on drugs at 13.  Devon certainly had baggage to deal with.  She lives with the addiction, she lives with the memories of her childhood.

Looking back, I see it’s a pretty weighty topic.

But the post at got me to thinking-I like writing scarred people.

I don’t want perfect characters.  Reading them tends to bore the hell out of me.  That’s not going to appeal to everybody, though.   Just like I don’t want to read westerns, self-help books or anything even remotely political, some readers aren’t going to want to read about scarred and/or broken people.