Writer's Desk

For the insanely curious, here’s a pic of my desk.


Nothing terribly fascinating. Although it’s cleaner than it usually is. I’ve got a phone, my iPod which I’ve been fighting with-Apple certainly doesn’t believe in making it easy for those with multiple devices to get their music from one device to another, do they? I’ve got some pens in a cup that my daughter made for me for Mother’s Day one year in school. I’ve got a calculator, a spindle of CDs, my Sony Reader tucked back in the corner.  Naturally, my PC.

Then there’s the things laying right in front of my PC. You can’t see them very well, but those are my gloves.  I wear gloves when I write-two different kinds, actually.  At the same time.

The first pair is just a pair of thergonomic gloves, like these:

From Maggie's Crochet

They trap body heat and support my wrists.
The other pair of gloves are these:

Soft flex computer gloves
Soft flex computer gloves

Why two pair?  Well, the thergonomic do the body heat and support thing.  The soft flex gloves have these little cushions sewn inside that keep my wrists from touching the desktop or keyboard.  I’ve noticed my hands don’t bother me as much when I’m wearing these.  Since I’ve already had a carpal tunnel release on both sides, and I’m looking at another one eventually, I’m all for doing whatever I can to help delay that second surgery.  Well, except voice activated software.  I’m still too leery about that.  Talking out my stories?  Fear.

If you’re a writer or even if you just spend a decent amount of time on the computer, I’d recommend something along the lines of these gloves.  I dunno that anybody but me would want both (I’m weird),  so I’d recommend the soft flex if you just want one.