Nine years ago

Nine years ago, I was reading a book by Catherine Coulter.  I can’t remember which one.  It might have been one of her FBI series.  Can’t remember.  I must have enjoyed it, because I finished it and I don’t finish books I don’t like.  But while I enjoyed the book, I don’t remember much about it…save for the excerpt at the end.

It was for a science fiction book.  In the back of a romance book.  Boggled, me?  Yes.  Now, I like SF just fine, and have for quite a while.  But still, you usually don’t see SF in the back of romance, romance in the back of SF, etc, etc.  Anyway, I read the excerpt.  Was entranced.  Fell in love.

With this book.


Bought it, read it in one night.  It was easier to do then.  I only had the one child at the time and she was very much into entertaining herself.  Can’t do that much now…hmmmm….wonder why? 😉

Anyway, after I bought it and read it in one night, I did something I only done one other time (at that point in my life).  I emailed the author. Squealed.  Gushed.

Also found a treasure trove of free reads on her website, and read the story that would eventually be the first of her Darkyn books.  Haunted her website for those short stories, which I loved.  I’ve got most of them printed out and saved in binders on my keeper shelf.

She’s got most of those earlier stories put together in ebook form.  I highly recommend them.  🙂