Over at PBW‘s blog, she’s always doing these top ten lists-some are just for fun, others are writing or graphics related.  I’m pretty sure that’s where I found the note app below.  If not at her blog, then I saw something there made me think to look for it.  (FYI, it doesn’t look just like the one above-that one is here)

If you’re anything like me, you forget things unless you have them jotted down.  I need my notes.  I tend to remember almost everything, it’s just that I don’t always remember until after the fact.  So I like notes.  But I hate notes.  I hate having post-its on my desk because I lose them.  Or I remember to do one thing, but then I remember five more and I need a new note.

Efficient sticky notes

Well, the efficient sticky notes deal makes it easy to have my notes right on my desktop, just a little note that I can edit or change or delete as needed.  Right now I’ve got a reminder to buy a pass to a local theme park for the youngest-after she turns 3, she needs a pass and I need the reminder because I don’t want to mess with it now.  I’ve also got a reminder to draw the winner for the blog contest at the end of May.  I’ve used it for reminders to pay bills, or to do my edits, etc, etc.  You can change the font, the color, the transparency of the ‘note’.  All sorts of handy things.

So if you need notes, but hate having post-its all over your desk, try sticking them to your desktop.  It’s a free program-I haven’t noticed an adware stuck inside it and I’ve scanned it, but if you use it, make sure you scan it, too.