Releasing today…

BELONGING: A Hunter’s World Novella will release from Ellora’s Cave later on today.

The blurb…
Being a vampire sucks. Just ask Cori Lewis. The “Change” didn’t change her enough. She’s still shy, quiet and she never feels as though she belongs anywhere. Not even with the people who took her in after the vampire attack that left her near death. But other things have changed a lot. Cori needs sex—now!

She goes in search of a one-night stand—hot sex with an anonymous man, in a dark alley—and her life changes yet again. He’s a connection to the past she thought was lost and he’s everything she’s ever dreamed. But when he finds out who she is, he might never be able to forgive her.


If you want to check out an excerpt between now and when it goes on sale, you can do so here.  Or…if you’re here later in the day, here’s the buy link.