I LOVE this review.

Love it.

A review of FRAGILE,  from Jennifer’s blog…

Is the Hero hot but not too hot?

Luke is hot. Luke is like, really hot and smart to boot. My one problem with Luke is he is entirely too patient. I get that he is sensitive to Devon’s issues and what not, but no man is that patient. I guess that is why we call this type of man, fiction. I would have really enjoyed him just totally losing it and saying something like, “For fuck’s sake, woman! You need to stop this goddamn stubborn shit of yours. I am trying to be a big bad Alpha male and you are fucking with my chi!”

Is the hero flawed but not too flawed?

Luke is not flawed other than what I mentioned above and not being a vampire or better yet a feline shape shifter of some sort. Yum. Ok, back to the present… I think he is a tad too much of a pushover but in the context of the story the female lead is so full of issues someone has to be sane/normal so it works.

CHI… *G* He’s not gonna say CHI.

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