Playing for Keeps…ebook releases 1/13

Okay guys…one more excerpt.  The ebook releases today from Samhain~as I mentioned a few days ago, more than likely this will go into print at some point, just not sure when.

Word of warning…this is definitely one of my more erotic romance, however it’s also got some tear-jerker moments.

He was so damned—well, perfect. Sexy, fun, understanding. Protective and kind. A veritable knight in shining armor… He had been the one to teach her how to ride a bike, climb a tree and help her back up when she fell. He’d tutored her through chemistry, asked her out on her first date, taken her to her junior and senior prom, taken her virginity one hot night in her bedroom while her parents had been out for “date night”.

“Is it done?”

His voice, deep and soft, broke through her roaming thoughts and she blinked at him, confused. “Done?”

He shoved a hand through his hair and the shiny black strands immediately tumbled back into his eyes. “Yeah, done. As in over. You and me both know you hadn’t planned on keeping this up indefinitely. Fun and games, right? While it lasts. Then we go back to just being friends…”

“We’ve always been more than just friends, Jake,” she said softly. Her heart skipped a beat. He was angry over something—she could hear it in his voice. What was it? What if…hell, she’d always figured Mason would be the one to walk, and she would be just fine with that, but what if Jake wanted to walk?

And now? What if he wanted to do it now?

Her heart started to beat frantically against her ribcage and she had to take a deep breath and clear her throat before she could speak. “Do you want this to be over? Do you just want to be friends?”

Something moved in his gaze, something dark and unreadable. Then he spoke, his voice rough and raw. “You said it yourself…we’ve always been more than just friends.”

“But that’s not an answer…do you want this to be over? Do you want to be done with me?”

Instead of answering immediately, he slid out of the chair and knelt in front of her. He lay his hands on her thighs and she shivered as he smoothed his palms upward, curling them over her hips and drawing her closer. “Done with you? I can’t imagine ever being done with you,” he murmured, dipping his head and pressing a kiss to her leg, just above her knee. “I don’t want to imagine that. I don’t want to be done with you.”

Through her clothes, she could feel the heat of his breath as he trailed a line of kisses up, over her thigh, along her torso, between her breasts until he pressed his mouth to the curve of her neck. “But something’s up, Dana. I know it. If you’re ready to walk, you need to tell me.”