Got the idea from PBW

Ya know that little arrow up at the top on wordpress blogs? Or the ‘next’ option on blogger blogs?

Here are some interesting blogs I clicked on when I clicked next (took a few times…some were just plain boring or just not what I want to post on my blog)

On the Line ( I like the post ‘my parents church’…cute)

Tea and Strumpets (the high heel story… *G*)

The Chemgurl Chronicles (cute socks!)

LI Bound (loved the bed)

3D Vision (photography-I want a lightbox)

Nick Valenzuela (nice…)

Ulla Hennig (photos)

I combed through quite a few blogs…some weren’t updated often enough to hold my interest.  Others had some interesting stuff.

Weird thing, though, NO book blogs.  Man, we need more BOOK blogs…