Hunter's Edge & Hunter's Pride

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

Hunter’s Edge got new, shiny, pretty cover….  🙂

It’s coming out in print in April.  The ebook has been out a while.

If you missed it and wanna see…here ya go.

Here’s a link to an excerpt if you’d like to check that out.

A few days ago, Samhain had an awards party…the Sammies…kind of like the Emmys, but for Samhain ebooks.

Hunter’s Pride, published a few years ago, won one of the awards, 5th best seller at Samhain in 2006.  Got a nice pretty graphic to go with it.


Here’s a short excerpt from that one~

Duncan thought for a minute his heart was going to break.

He waited until she looked away and then he moved, sliding up until he stood
right next to her. He spun her around and wrapped his arms around her
waist. Kennedy stiffened at his touch and he rubbed his thumb against the
arms she had wrapped around herself. “Hush…I won’t hurt you…”

Shapeshifters could use fear—the more powerful ones could exude an aura of
it that could freeze people in their tracks. There was a flipside to that
power though. They could also learn to use it to calm fear. That was what
he did now, reaching out and trying to calm the fear that had wrapped itself
around Kennedy.

“They are not normal cougars, Kennedy…they aren’t even cougars at all. They
resemble them, especially from a distance, but they aren’t cougars. And
they saved you because it’s what they do. Make no mistake…they are
predators, but they prey on those who’d prey on others.”

Slowly, he reached up, touching one hand to her disheveled hair, smoothing
it back from her face. “There’s nothing more I can tell you about them. But
you need to leave them be. There are some things in life that just can’t be
explained. This is one of them.”

He could see the pale oval of her face, reflected in the mirror. He kept
his head ducked low to keep her from being able to see any of his
features—it was for the best, he knew.

But part of him wanted…no…part of him *needed *to see her in the light, to
let her see him.

Duncan hadn’t ever wanted a mate. His mother had died in childbirth and his
father had spent the rest of his life missing her. Zane—he’d lost his mate
young as well. Giving your heart seemed to do little more than open you to

“If it can’t be explained, then how come you know so much about them?”
Kennedy asked huskily.

Sliding his hands up her arms, he rested his hands on her shoulders, curling
his hands around her neck so that he could feel the pounding of her pulse
against his fingertips. Duncan lowered his head and murmured in her ear,
“Maybe I’m another one of those things that can’t be explained.”

He flexed his hands against the satin of her skin, reveling in the soft,
smooth warmth. Then he stepped back, reaching out to trail one hand down
her hair. It was every bit as soft as her skin, and it smelled like
honeysuckle. “Good-bye, Kennedy.”