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Various ramblings and linkages ahead…about new ebooks and print books from Ellora’s Cave, Samhain and Berkley.

If you haven’t checked it out, I’ve had a contemporary menage come out from Samhain this week, PLAYING FOR KEEPS. Short excerpt from that one below.  NOT WORK SAFE…


“Wanna play with us?”

Us? Reaching up, he closed his fingers over her upper arms, eased a few inches between them. Hell, he’d play with her any day of the week if she’d stopped seeing him as her friend, her old boyfriend from high school. “You look like you’ve done enough playing for a while. How much have you had to drink, Dana?”

She pursed her lips and cocked her head. “Two margaritas. One. Two.”

Despite the jealous anger burning inside him, he had to laugh. “You’re such a cheap drunk.” He slanted a look over her shoulder, met Mason’s gaze. “I take it you’re not worried about the electricity being out.”

Mason grinned. “We’re doing just fine.”

Nodding, he let go of Dana’s arms but before he could leave, she threw her arms around his neck. “Awww, don’t go, Jake.”

Then she kissed him.

Hot, full-on and hungry, she kissed him. Her breasts went flat against his chest, her hands tangled in his hair and as rain pelted down around them, she just about turned him into a raving madman. Quick, hungry kisses, soft, strong hands pushed under his shirt and teased the skin of his back. Her soft belly cradled his cock. She moaned into his mouth and then sank her teeth into his lower lip. “Come on, Jake…play with us. Just while the storm lasts…I dare you.”

While the storm lasts…

He reached up and wrapped his fingers around her wrists, tugged them down. “Dana, you’re drunk.”

She poked her lip out in a sexy pout. “Not that drunk…I just want to play.” Her gaze slid down, lingered on his cock, stiff as a poker and so damned hot and hard he hurt with it. “You wanna play, too, Jake. I can tell.”

Tearing his gaze away from her face, he glared at Mason. “You want to give me a hand here?”

Mason shrugged, slid a hand down his chest. Rain continued to pour down on them in a deluge, running in rivulets into their eyes. “She’s not drunk, McCoy. She had two margaritas and the last one was before the storm started. A good half-hour.” His bare feet were quiet on the grass as he came up behind them, cuddling his front against Dana’s all-but-naked back.

The soaking wet T-shirt she wore was no barrier at all. Not a barrier to the eyes, or anything else. She pressed against him and through it, Jake could feel the hot, hard tips of her nipples stabbing into his chest.

“Play with us,” she whispered against his lips. She licked rain from his mouth and slid her hands under his shirt, easing it up. “Play…”

Jake was a patient man. But he had his limits. As Dana met his eyes, he reached the end of his. Placing his hands against her sides, he caught the soaking wet cotton of her T-shirt, stripping it upward. “What kind of game are we going to play, pretty girl?” he whispered, dipping his head and raking his teeth along the line of her neck.

She laughed and fisted her hands in his hair. “Whatever kind we want.”

Mason’s hands came around, cupped her breasts and pressed them together. Jake’s mouth watered as he stared at those pink-tipped curves. He stooped low enough to catch one nipple in his mouth. The taste of her, rain and woman, flooded his system and he groaned. She whimpered and arched, pressing against him. Using teeth, lips and tongue, he teased first one nipple then the other.

Dana tugged on his hair, quick and hard. Lifting his head, he stared down into her flushed face. Cupping her cheek in his hand, he whispered, “Done playing already?”

“Not by a long shot.” Grabbing his hand, she tugged him up on the small porch and into the house, out of the rain. “I’ve just got a couple of toys up here I want to play with.”

Mason backed along behind her as she moved. As Jake cleared the top step, the other man wrapped his arms around Dana’s waist and hauled her against him. “How many more toys you need, Dana?”

Instead of answering Mason, she tugged on Jake’s wrist, drawing him closer, close enough that she could hook an arm around his neck. “Kiss me, Jake. I like it when you kiss me.”

He kissed her-but not on that soft, pink mouth. Sinking to his knees in front of her, he stared at her pussy. The soft curls between her thighs were dark and downy, wet from the rain and from her. Sweet. He licked her. Her knees buckled and she sagged, her weight supported between the two men. Sliding his hands up her damp legs, Jake cupped her ass and nuzzled her. Wet. Hot. So damned sweet-

Fuck, he’d dreamed of doing this again. Dreaming of doing just this very thing to her, over and over. Forever.

From the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Mason’s hand. Jealous anger twisted through him, sharp and painful. He wanted to haul her away from the other man, but he managed not to. Just barely. Blocking Mason’s presence out of his mind, he caught Dana’s clit between his teeth tugged. She jolted in surprise and moaned. Her hand cupped the back of his head and held close, like she was worried he might pull away.

Pull away…not in a million years. Shit, he couldn’t pull away from her if his life depended on it. He was the one who should be worried… She always pulled back. Always pulled away. If he was smart, he’d stop this now. Before he got in over his head with her again. Before he lost himself in her again.

But he couldn’t do it.
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I got the release date for my Hunter book, Belonging, coming out from EC. It releases on 2.25.09. I did a quickie update on my website-if you go to the what’s new page, you’ll find the excerpt.

Don’t forget FRAGILE comes out soon, just over a week away. There’s a nice long excerpt of that one on my site, too.  You can get it to from the what’s new pages as well.

One of the ebooks I briefly had out from Triskelion may be coming out from Samhain later this year, a paranormal romance titled REDEMPTION.  I’ll post more on that once I know.