25 Random Things About Me

Okay, guys…blame Stephanie Burke for this one.  She passed it on.  I’m not tagging twenty five people though.  Do it if ya want. (Happened on facebook but since I needed something to blog about…*G*)  Not tagging folks thru my regular blog, but feel free to do it if you want to…!

1.   I love my family.
2.   I’m the only girl out of four kids-probably explains why I’m rather bossy, opinionated, and competitive.
3.   I’m very hotheaded.
4.   I married my high school sweetheart.
5.   When we were kids, I had a huge crush on him and I used to kick him to show my devotion.
6.   When we were kids, I once made him pay me $2 to make him a grilled cheese sandwich.
7.   We’ve been married for almost 13 years.
8.   The first story I wrote, that I remember, was in seventh grade in Mr. K’s history class.  It was called DARK ALLEY and it was 35 handwritten pages.
9.   The story sucked.
10. In 2001, the DH and I went to Ireland for vacation, and I’m dying to go back.
11. I attend the same church I attended as a child, and it’s also where the DH and I married.
12. I’m a die hard reader.
13. I would lend a friend almost any book, except my SL VIEHL Stardoc series.
14. I’ve written more than 50 short stories, novellas, books, since I was first published in 2003 (I think it was 2003)
15. I’m taking the kids to Disney this year.
16. And God help us…we’re driving (not fun with three kids, especially when one is a year year old)
17. I used to work in nursing.  Still do-when the old boss can con me into picking up a few shifts.
18. I like my hair.
19. I’m double-jointed.  You don’t want to see the weird things I can do with my fingers and wrists.  I’m told it’s gross-doesn’t bother me, though.
20. In eight months, I’ll be testing for my student black belt in taekwondo.
21. I don’t like bullies.
22. I don’t like know-it-alls.
23. I don’t like crybabies.
24. I love to procrastinate.
25. I love my family.