Fun with Christmas

I love Christmas.  I even love shopping for Christmas.  It’s fun to go to the store and pick up things that I think my kids will like, hope my husband will like, and wonder what to get for the in-laws, friends, other assorted people in my life.

This year is proving to be a lot of fun for me, though.  It even came with the unexpected perk of teasing my kids endlessly about their present.  Since they still aren’t into online stuff, I feel it’s safe to share the secret here.

Back in October when I started talking with my editor about three new books, I mentioned to my husband

that if the books sold, maybe we could do something really cool…


And really, for a nine year old, a seven year old, and a two year old, does it get much cooler than Disney World?

That’s their present.  We’re taking them to Disney World.  I haven’t been since I was about the baby bratlet’s age.  The three kids have never been.  Pretty sure the DH hasn’t.

I’m having a lot of fun with this present.  Although admittedly, I’m setting myself up for torture, because we’re not taking them at Christmas.  They’ve already been told they are getting a really, really cool present, but they can’t have it right away.  In fact, they are going to have to wait two months, although I’ve yet to clue them in on that part while I’m teasing them.  Teasing them mercilessly.

At least the older two.  The baby bratlet doesn’t much care about anything except the pretty, pretty tree in her living room.  That’s what she calls it, pretty, pretty tree.

Anyway, several times a week, I ask the oldest if she has any more guesses about her present.  She’ll start out with… are we going somewhere?  I think she’d asked once if it was a horse, and while yes, she’d love that, me and her dad, not so much.  Her nana and grandma know what it is, and the kids keep asking for hints.  So far, all they’ve gotten is that It’s bigger than a breadbox, which isn’t doing much to help the bratlet out.

And since they’ve got to have presents to open, aside from what Santa brings, of course, I’ve picked up some presents that are going to be ‘clues’.

Like a Florida book of trivia aimed at kids.

A kid’s book called, Murder at Disney World.  (yeah, twisted, I know)

Then for each of them, I’ve bought a stuffed Disney character, which I’m going to box up and wrap.  Inside each box, I’m putting a piece of paper with a word printed on it.  What words?  *G*  Take.  A. Guess.

I figure with the Mickey, Minnie and Goofy, that ought to be enough for the bratlet, and probably for Romeo. I think I’m going to be as excited on Christmas morning as they are-I may even be up before them.  Until then, I’ve got almost four weeks in which I can taunt and tease them.  Yes, I’m enjoying this immensely.

Is there a particular Christmas that you really looked forward?  A present you were planning on giving, or one you thought you were going to get?