A Present for Christmas…Free short story

For all the readers who there who have supported me over the past few years.

If you guys weren’t buying my books, I wouldn’t be able to keep doing this.  If I didn’t have some of you requesting my books at the local libraries, I wouldn’t be having books showing up on library shelves.  If I didn’t have you talking to your friends about me, some of them might not be buying my books.  The understanding that you show when I have to give up writing one of my series, again…you don’t realize how much it means.

I couldn’t do this job if I didn’t have readers willing to support me.  I couldn’t do this job if people weren’t buying my stuff. Thank you.

The support means so much…buying my books, asking about them at libraries, talking to your friends about me, and the understanding you’ve shown even when I talked about having to shelf one of my series.

So thank you.

Coming up on Christmas, I’ll have a short story posted over at Samhain’s site, a story titled (aptly) A Present for Christmas.  It’s my present, from me, to you…for all the support you’ve given me.


Enjoy, folks…and have a very Merry Christmas.