Fragile…another contest for bloggers

Not quite yet, but it will be here soon.  How soon?

Well, I’ve already got the ARCs.

It’s going to be the same deal as before…you can enter even if you won last time, provided you get your review posted in the alloted time frame.  (hint, hint, hint…if you’re one of the winners, make sure you get your review up within the next week or so…)

Basically the run-down is this…if you have an established blog, (as in one you started before October 2008) one you post one fairly regularly, you can enter to win an ARC of FRAGILE.  All you have to do is agree to post a review either during the two week time frame before the book releases, or the week of it’s release-this helps generate word of mouth, which generates sales, and while yep, I love royalties, I love getting contracts and the better my sales, the better my chances of future contracts.  Which means future books-which hopefully is good news for you.

Just so you know, this is not a random draw.  I visit each of the blogs and select those I feel are best suited to helping me get out the word about the book.

If you’re curious about how the contest works, you can read about the one I did for THE MISSING here.

Info on FRAGILE is below.  I’ll be posting the official contest sometime during November so keep watching.


romantic suspense




Six years after trading in his combat gear for hospital scrubs, Luke Rafferty still hasn’t found what he’s been searching for: a normal life. At his job, Luke is faced with things just as heartbreaking as those on the battlefield, none more so than the abused children brought in by a pretty red-headed social worker.


For Devon Manning, being a social worker is a rewarding job, but also a constant reminder of her own troubled youth. Devon takes everything one day at a time—unable to form a relationship with anyone except the children she rescues.


When Luke meets Devon, he thinks he might have found what he’s been looking for, but in order to get the life he wants, Luke has to break through Devon’s emotional barriers and make her realize that his healing touch might be just the complication her life needs…