Write dangerously

Back in December last year, Lynn Viehl aka PBW aka SL Viehl aka…uh, never mind, that list could get long…we’ll just say PBW.  Last December, PBW blogged about writing dangerously.  Then in 2008, she went and did it, and sold it (and man, the wait is gonna kill me).

My mad agent hunt made me do a lot of things. Several agents I talked to wanted to know where I was going with my career.  What I had in mind beyond the books I recently sold.  In other words, they made me think.

Thinking is bad for me.  It causes all sorts of weird…ideas…thinking that is directly related to my writing can be even worse.  Dangerous.

It got me to thinking about a book I’ve kinda sorta had in mind for a while now.  But it’s different.  Even for me, sez the girl who bounces back and forth between erotic romance and hot & spicy romance, from contemporary to fantasy, doing ebook, doing print…doing whatever she can and however… Yep, it’s different.

Different in a way that kinda sorta terrifies me.  Different in a way that I’m not entirely sure I can do. Might be that ‘dangerous’ kinda stuff that PBW blogged about, I don’t know.

Sigh.  But today, on 10/21/08 (yep, I prewrite my posts in advance) I made the first step.  As in I actually sketched out the vaguest few lines detailing the idea.  Then I even titled the idea.   Will I ever write it?  I really don’t know.  It depends on whether or not the idea decides to come to life-and I might have take the first few steps there and try to nudge it to life.

However, the idea is vague.  Very vague. What I’ll do with it, how I go about it…in all manners…is pretty unknown.  Guess I could always look at it as a challenge…