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Hey guys… saw this over at Karen’s. Gennita is a fab writer…if you can help her out, it would be appreciated.

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Sept 1, 2008

Hi everyone,

I hope this email finds you well. I’ve received so many encouraging emails from all of you in recent months and I’m very humbled by and grateful for your generous support during the difficult months. I’m sorry to have to tell you that MIRA has delayed Virtually Hers and this time, I’m not even sure when it’s coming out. My agent is in communication with the powers-that-be on how to solve this problem, and needless to say, I’m feeling depressed and devastated about this bit of news. I’m still holding on to some hope that my publisher will find a way to get this book out.

I can’t give you all the details but the main reason why MIRA is reluctant to put out Virtually Hers is because Walmart didn’t pick up Virtually His (the first book) and that killed my “retail” numbers, which is the number the marketing department bow down to. If the retail # is low, no matter how strongly your book does, MIRA doesn’t recognize it as a success and without Walmart, that’s a loss of at least 15-20 thousand sales.

So anyway, the reason given to me and my agent was that basically, without Walmart (or a high retail number), I’m doomed. Not a very happy feeling to live with, let me tell you, since I’m being blamed for something that isn’t my fault. It’s not my responsibility to make sure Walmart buys my book; it’s the marketing department’s. All my books published by Avon were sold at Walmart and did well. But my pointing this out hasn’t gotten me any closer to getting my book out.

Being one of those people who tries to the bitter end, I’m mounting one last effort and I’m hoping that you’ll help me. I’ve been talking to some book buyers and they had suggested for my readers to write to WALMART HQ in Arkansas asking them about Virtually Hers. The idea is to get the main head buyer(s) at Walmart to see that there are many readers from all over the States looking for Gennita Low’s books and they will then contact my publisher to order it.

For example, one reader has written: “Hi, I belong to a book club and we plan to read Gennita Low’s Virtually Hers coming out soon. She writes for MIRA books and I know Walmart stocks their books. I was wondering if and when Walmart will have her book so I can give this information to our book club.”

Another example: “I’ve bought Gennita Low’s books at Walmart in the past and was wondering when you’ll have her book, Virtually Hers, in? I’ve been waiting for this book to come out.”

I admit this is an ass-backwards way of doing things but I’m out of ideas right now. My editor has been kind and supportive, and has been fighting very hard for my cause, so if you can drop her a line in the mail so she could have hard evidence to show her boss, I’d appreciate that too.

If you’d like to help me, here are the three addresses to write to:

Book Dpt (?) or Sales Dpt (?)
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
702 S.W. 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72716

Gennita Low’s editor
225 Duncan Mill Road,
Don Mills, Ont. M3B 3K9

Gennita Low’s editor
233 Broadway, 10th Floor,
New York, NY 10279

One last thing. As a way to thank you, I’m giving away a free serial e-book on my blog. I’m up to Chapter 8 already. Just click on each link to read the chapters. It’s my gift to you for being such wonderful and enthusiasts readers, always emailing me to find out more about my characters and stories.

The Virtual series was sold as a three-book contract about a couple. That’s why I’m very disappointed because each book moves our couple, Jed and Hell, into a deeper level. Virtually Hers is, as many of you know, Jed’s story. Much of it is in his POV and I hope that I can get this story in book form so I can share him with you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So, ladies and gents, follow the links and get your copy of Virtually His (available here (Kindle) and here (eHarlequin, both massmarket and electronic versions), and don’t forget to write your very own little note to the powers that are confused over at Mira.

And you could always check Gennita’s kickass backlist