These guys are awesome

I pretty much despise reality TV anymore.  Hate it.  Can’t stand American Idol, can’t stand Survivor, never messed with watching America’s Got Talent or Dancing with the Stars.

But a few weeks ago, my mom had to have knee surgery.  So being the good (stop snickering) dutiful (I said stop snickering) daughter I am, I spent the day with her making sure she’d get around okay and I ended up being there while America’s Got Talent came on.  And I saw these two acts.



I can’t decide which one I like more, but if they get deals (and both acts SHOULD), I’ll be buying both.  However, the second one really chokes me up…he was in an accident about 10 years ago that severed his vocal cords.  He’d always dreamed of being a singer, but after the accident he was told he’d be lucky if he ever talked, much less sing professionally.  But he battled back and the first act he did was enough to really give me goosebumps.

I love both of these acts.