The Missing…review from Publisher's Weekly

Okay, I’ve gotta share this one.

I usually don’t post reviews-gets tiresome after a while, but this one…I gotta share.  It’s almost as cool as getting a good review from Mrs. Giggles.

Publisher’s Weekly doesn’t tend to review a huge amount of romance from what I’ve seen-and very often, the reviews I have seen for romance books with PW have that ‘romance is inferior’ sort of feel to them, even when it’s a decent enough review.

So imagine my shock that THE MISSING got a good review-and even the romance aspects of it seemed to be enjoyed.

The Missing Shiloh Walker. Berkley Sensation, $14 paper (320p) ISBN 978-0-425-22438-0
In this romantic spine tingler from Walker (Through the Veil), psychic teen Taige Branch of Gulf Shores, Ala., falls in love one summer with Cullen Morgan, a boy on vacation from Georgia, after he rescues her from being raped by a couple of drunken louts at a beach resort. Four years later, after a psycho murders Cullen’s mother in Atlanta, Cullen breaks up with Taige, outraged that his psychic girlfriend, who had saved little kids’ lives in front of his eyes, couldn’t foresee and stop the tragedy. Eight years after that trauma, Cullen asks Taige, now a member of an FBI special task force, for help in finding his motherless daughter, Jilly, a talented artist with psychic abilities who’s been abducted by a child predator. A sweet love story alternates with an exciting manhunt. Romantic suspense fans will find much to like in Taige, a fearless beauty, half-white, half-black, who’s not just another “medium” clone. (Nov.)

Found here!  And if that convinced you to buy… make sure you check out the  Read All About It contest.