I went and did something good for the economy today

I’m not economically minded.  It involves numbers.  Figures.  Scary stuff for me.  I like words better.  Words.  Kids. Books.  Nope, I’m not into economics.

But the way I see, the panic going on because of the deal with the banks, Wall Street, etc-some of this panic is because we’re being given the message to panic. Does that make sense?  It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.  You hear the economy is in a meltdown, people stop buying, which hurts the economy more, which adds to the meltdown…etc, etc, etc.

I’m aware of the fact that things are going to get rough.  I’ve been debating on whether or not I should consider going back to work part time or on an as-needed basis, picking up a few shifts each month.  I’ve got a line in on a friend who owns an ad company.  Ad companies need people to write ads and sometimes they prefer to freelance the work out.  If I can write a 300 page book, I figure I can write a few ads if needed.  (knock on wood)  So some possible income there.  I can scale back on a few things that while I’ll hate it, we can make do without it if we have to.  I do plan on being careful.

But I won’t panic.   I’m not going to let somebody who *knows about bad economics in theory* but hasn’t ever really lived on that side of the line incite me into a panic.  Things aren’t wonderful for me and mine right now, but they could be worse.  I’m going to be cautious.  I’m going to pare down on the luxuries where I can.

And I’m buying a book.  Matter of fact, I already bought it.  I went to the store today, bought some pop tarts for the kids, some water, some cheese.  And then I came home, went to Borders.com and bought a book.

This book.

Decadent by Shayla Black

I’m not going to let the media, the economists or political crap push me into a panic.  Does buying one book help?  Nah.   But it’s gotta beat panicking.  😉