I reorganized….

So far the past year or so, I’ve been busting out of shelf space on my bookshelves. Books piled here, there, every where. Shipping supplies for contests. Research books. Pictures of my rotten. My desk runneth over.

It was getting ridiculous. Then my wunnerful husband went to a casino Friday night, won some dough…and guess what he bought me?

Bookshelves. Three pretty, pretty bookshelves. Two of them are the tall, almost to ceiling kind, the other is shorter and then he mounted three free standing shelves over that for my fairies and dragons and pictures.

I have room. :-O Not sure how to handle having room in my office…

Look... you can see the floor!
Look... you can see the floor!

*G* I’m so very happy with my new bookshelves…I can actually FIND all my books, again.