Short Stories & Novellas- Workshop Day III- The HEA

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Left Behind & Loving It 2008

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Writing a short story/novella


This is going to be short and simple.

What is the right HEA?

The HEA doesn’t have to mean two people professing ever-lasting love, getting married and on the verge of having that white-picket fence and 2.3 kids.

If that is what works for the story and the characters, do it.

But what if your characters were very hesitant about having a relationship? If they fought it tooth and nail, are they going to pick out wallpaper or paint chips on page 62?

If that doesn’t work for them, don’t try to write it that way. Maybe for them, their resolution to the story is admitting that they love each other. From there, a lot of readers are happy to let the story end, because in their mind, the characters are working towards their HEA.

Be true to your characters and give them the HEA that works for them, because that will work for the story, and that usually means it will work for the reader, too.

Also, because PBW told me to, because it might make it more fun, I’ll be doing a giveaway…anybody that comments (and uh… I don’t consider, oh, how nifty! a comment) and/or adding to the discussion will entered into a drawing for a prize…probably something I’ll pick up in Alaska and a copy of Private Places since I anticipate finding my author copies upon my return home.