Help me out…so what's your gripe?

I know a lot of people don’t like reading short stories and novellas.

Some just like a book that lasts a little longer, they don’t want to pay money for something they will read and be done with in a couple of hours (or less-depends on how fast you read).

Totally cool, understandable.

And I’m sorry-can’t help with that.  😉  So if that’s your main issue with short stories, you might get bored here in a few minutes, because I want the other reasons.

Some people don’t think there is enough character development.

Others have issues with plot.

So what’s your issue with short stories/novellas, if you have one?

I’m doing a quickie workshop on this topic for the annual LEFT BEHIND AND LOVING IT bash that PBW always does and I want some outside input as to how I got about doing the workshop.

FYI, if you’re a writer and have questions, toss them out.  Maybe we can work up some big group Q&A thing.