A first

I don’t like deleting blog posts that I’ve written.

But apparently Emmy-who made a comment about some nut job bidding on a bunch of bunch-is in fact the nutjob who has the $500 bid.

Since the comment pissed me off to no end (completely honest, it did), I deleted it and then addressed it.  Then Emmy says she’s the one with the high bid-and since I’ve seen her comments in several places, I can easily see this being the case-she has an odd sense of humor.

So instead of deleting…I’ll strike through…and make my apologies to Emmy.  And from now on, I’m going to try and take everything she says with a ton of salt.  Not a grain-that’s how I usually take things.  But a ton.

Somebody came and posted something that strikes me as deliberately insulting to those who’ve been bidding on the charity auction I’m running to help the SAVE THE CHILDREN foundation.

If this is who I suspect it is, it’s somebody that likes to deliberately go out of her way to either insult or irritate people, usually under the guise of ‘arguing the other side’. Coming from somebody who lives to argue the other side, I call that line nothing more than bullshit. There’s a difference between arguing a POV and just being argumentative for the hell of it, just to piss people off, just to needle them.

This was a first for me, I think. The first time I’ve deleted a comment for something other than being spam. I don’t mess with deleting comments from people who don’t agree with me. I don’t expect or want people to agree with me all the time.

But get insulting on my blog, your post is gone. I live to argue, I live to respond to crap like this-I’m weird. I get a perverse pleasure out of it. I’m not one of the bloggers who will let deliberate insults remain. I won’t let them remain.

Calling some compassionate people ‘nutjobs’ is nothing more than insulting.

Emmy, I’m so very flattered you felt the need to bring your shit-stirring to my blog. But you’re not going to get much out of it here. The posts, if they do make thru the moderation filter, won’t stay, and believe me, I get perverse pleasure from deleting them. I suspect I’ll also get perverse pleasure from moderating your comments. So if you want to give me that entertainment, hey, feel free.

To those that have been bidding, tempted to bid, thinking about it…whatever, my apologies if you read Emmy’s comment before it got deleted.

BIdding on some books isn’t the mark of a nutjob. You got the money, go for it.

Now bidding on a charity auction and wanting to help others…it isn’t fineit’s beyond outstanding. It’s phenomenal. The current bid shows a depth of compassion that I wish more people had.