A double's contest…

Contest is over… winner to be posted Friday 5/23/08. Comments are now closed.


I went and saw this movie when it first came out, blogged about it (along with obnoxious kids). As mentioned I did buy the movie.


Why twice? Because I forgot that I’d bought it and bought it again. Suppose I could send the second back, but I bought it through one of those annoying ‘clubs’ and returns there are too much a hassle.

So hey-I’ll give it away instead.

Just so you know, 1408 is a scary movie. It’s not really gory, the way a lot of so-called horror flicks are these days. No, it’s weird-scary. Which is classic Stephen King, I guess. Nobody does weird like he does.

I try to keep my contests open to everybody, but please note, this is a Region 1 (North America) DVD, which won’t play on all DVDs. If you win it and the format isn’t compatible with your DVD player, welllll….sorry. But there aren’t any substitutions on the prize. So if you don’t know if it’s compatible with your DVD player, it’s probably best you don’t enter.

As always, you do need to check back to see if you’ve won and if I don’t hear from you within a reasonable amount of time, I may draw another name. You can only enter once (once per household) and suspicious entries may be deleted.

Contest is open for the next few days-I’ll probably draw the winner and post it towards the end of next week. Other disclaimer info can be found on the disclaimer page.

To enter, just leave your name in comments… *G* if you’ve got a good scary movie suggestion, feel free to toss it out.