Ebook-A-Day Giveaway

I’m terribly lazy with promo. Horribly, awfully lazy. The blog is my fave way to promo, just because I can delude myself into thinking I’m talking instead of promoting.

But I’m trying to get better.

Inspired by Jane’s post over at Dear Author, starting today, March 9, 2008, I’m doing an ‘ebook a day’ giveaway. Yeah, I know her post was more directed at the publishers, but hey…no reason I can’t try it. Besides, last week was Read an Ebook week and I didn’t know. Better late to the party than not going at all, right?

I’ve got a decent ebook backlist~I actually considered running this for a month, but…uh… too exhausting to keep up with and RT is coming soon.

But if the contest goes well and I get enough interest, maybe I’ll do it again in a while. So instead of a month, the contest will run for a week, a different winner each day, a new chance to win each day.

These rules might change a little…since I’m doing this spur-of-the-moment, there are probably going to be kinks I need to work out.

But the basic rules will be this…

  • Each day, you get a new chance to win one ebook from my backlist. I’ll post an excerpt from one of my ebooks. To enter, just respond in comments to each new daily excerpt and you’re entered.
  • Winner’s name will be posted on the blog and you do need to check the blog to see if you’ve won. I’m sorry, but I’ve spent way too much time chasing down winners…and hey, I gotta write. 😉 I’ll try to get it posted the next day, but be patient with me. I’m sooooo forgetful.
  • The winner will select one title from my ebook backlist, posted below, or you can check it out via my website here.
  • You can enter each day, but once you’ve won, you can’t win any more for this ‘ebook-a-day’ giveaway.
  • Please only enter once each day. Don’t enter under multiple email addies. This is rude, it isn’t fair to others. FYI, WordPress tracks IP addies. I reserve the right to delete suspicious entries. Also, because of those who’ve tried rigging contests in the past by entering under multiple emails, I restrict all contests to one entry per household. For more on my contest rules, check out the disclaimer page
  • The contest is open to anybody, even if you’ve won something from me before. (excluding the ‘ebook-a-day’ contest). The prize is for an ebook, you can take your pick from my backlist, but I won’t be substituting a print book for an ebook. 😉 Trying to promote ebooks and all….

And…I won’t just draw one name. I’ll draw 3 each day. So that’s 21 chances to win.

If you’ve never read an ebook before, here’s your chance. I’ve got a fairly decent backlist, ranging from contemporary to fantasy to paranormal and you can pick from either of my current epublishers. Most of my titles are erotic, but if you’re not so into the erotic and you win, just let me know~I’ll let you know which of my titles run a little more mainstream.

The contest is open to everybody!

My ebook backlist

Her Best Friend’s Lover The Hunters – Declan and Tori ( Book 1)
Whipped Cream and Handcuffs The Hunters – Eli And Sarel (Book 2)
Voyeur The Dragon’s Warrior
Make Me Believe The Hunters: Byron & Kit (Book 3)
His Every Desire The Hunters – Jonathan and Lori (Book 4)
Her Wildest Dreams The Hunters: Ben and Shadoe (Book 5)
The Huntress The Hunters: Rafe & Sheila (Book 6)
Hunter’s Pride Back From Hell
Malachi Telling Tales
I’ll Be Hunting You Ghost of A Chance: Tales from the Temple IV
Always Yours Freak of Nature: Legendary Tails II
For the Love of Jazz His Christmas Cara
Beautiful Girl Touch of Gypsy Fire
Every Last Fantasy Firewalkers: Dreamer
Coming In Last Djinn’s Wish: A Wish, A Kiss, A Dream
The Dragon’s Woman Silk Scarves and Seduction
Firewalkers: Sage Under Your Spell: Hot Spell (Ellora’s Cave)
Good Girls Don’t Mythe & Magick
Talking with The Dead Mythe: Vampire
One Night With You Nebulous: Myth-Behavin’ Anthology
One of the Guys Once Upon A Midnight Blue


◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Okay…so while it might not be quite the platform that some of the major publishers have to help promote ebooks, but hey, can’t hurt right?

And onto today’s excerpt…from Beautiful Girl, one of my current ebook releases.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊


Standing by the bar, a beer in one hand and the other jammed deep into his pocket, Blake wondered if maybe he shouldn’t just go on home. He was so tired he ached with it and his eyes were gritty with fatigue.

It had been a shitty day. Junior was still holding his own although the doctors were keeping him sedated to keep him from feeling the pain from his numerous injuries.

So far, no witnesses had stepped up and the only real evidence they had was some paint on the bumper of Junior’s SUV. Now if Blake could just go and check out every black car in the county, he might be able to find who’d run Junior off the road.

“You’re not really here tonight, are you, buddy?”

He looked up at Vance and forced a smile. “Just tired. One hell of a day.”

Vance nodded. “Yeah, I heard you were there with Junior last night. Hope the old guy is going to be okay. You remember back when…” Vance started rambling about one of the many times the two of them had gotten into trouble their senior year and Blake just tuned him out, thinking, again about Del.

“Damn, there you go again.”

Vance’s voice, louder this time, intruded on Blake’s introspective thoughts and Blake winced. “Sorry, man. My mind is just wandering.”

“Yeah…I noticed…whoa.”

Blake watched as Vance’s jaw dropped and his eyes went wide. He was staring off over Blake’s shoulder and curious, Blake glanced back, following Vance’s line of sight.

His beer bottle fell from numb hands as he turned to stare at Del. Or at least, he was pretty damn sure it was Del. Her hair, still dark, was scooped up off of her neck and clipped to her head in one of those tousled styles that made a guy think just how easy it would be to send all those gleaming locks tumbling to her shoulders. Her naked shoulders. She was wearing a pale green dress, a dress that Blake knew would match her eyes perfectly. It was off the shoulder, with long sleeves that went all the way to her wrists. The dress skimmed her curves closely and Blake felt his mouth go dry as he stared at those curves with hungry eyes. The skirt fell in soft folds to just above her knee. And her pretty little feet were stuck into a pair of strappy, sparkly heels that did amazing things for her already amazing legs.


Vance laughed and clapped his hand on Blake’s shoulder. “Yeah, I can see now why you weren’t paying me any attention,” Vance said as Del met his eyes from across the room. A faint smile curved her lips up and she walked towards him.

Blake started over to meet her, but Vance’s hand tightened. Looking back at Vance, he saw a serious look had come over Vance’s face. “Be careful, okay, Blake? She’s had a rough time.”

If it was anybody other than Vance, discussing anybody other than Del, he would have told him to mind his own business. But with Vance, all he did was nod and say, “I know.”

Blake had every intention of being very damn careful because there was no way he could let Del go. Not now.

Although she still had that same hold over him that she’d always had, the woman moving towards him was definitely different. The smile on her lips wasn’t the flirtatious, sexy smile he remembered. It was a cool, confident smile, yet the look in her eyes was almost hesitant.

He closed the distance between them and used the time to try and clear his head. It didn’t work. The need flowing through him had been building inside him for years. This was the girl he’d loved for nearly half his life, the girl he’d wanted more than anything. Seeing her like this just about laid him low.

They came to a stop just shy of touching. “Hey.” He tried to find something funny to say, something that might make that faint, half-smile on her face bloom into a real one. But nothing came to mind except, “Shit, you look amazing.”

Hardly funny or charming, but it must have been good enough for her. Her smile turned self-conscious and she ducked her head shyly, tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear. Then she slid her gaze over him and murmured, “You, too. You look damn good, considering the fact that you didn’t sleep more than three or four hours last night.”

She looked back up at him and cocked her head. A couple of long, shiny strands of hair fell loose from the clip, framing her face just so, teasing her neck and shoulders. Blake wanted to tear the clip away, see all that long, dark hair fall around her shoulders and then he wanted to bury his hands in it and kiss her. Instead, he shoved his hands in his pockets so he wouldn’t reach for her. She asked, “How’s Beaumont Junior doing?”

“Hanging in there.” He gave her a humorless smile. “Had the pleasure of your mama’s company for a few minutes. She came by to cluck over Beaumont and fulfill her duty as the gracious lady of the manor routine.”

Del grimaced. “That’s my mother. Doesn’t miss an opportunity to put on her pretenses.”

She fidgeted with her dress and unable to stop himself, Blake reached out and caught one of her hands, lifting it to his lips. “You look gorgeous.”

He kissed her hand, watching her from under the fringe of lashes. A soft blush stained her cheeks pink, her cheeks, her neck…lower. He found himself staring at the neckline of her dress and he tore his gaze away as he realized he was ogling her breasts. He wanted to do more than ogle. He wanted to peel the dress off and lick her all over. Instead, he gestured to the dance floor. “You know, I never got to dance with you at my senior prom. Why don’t you make it up to me now?”

Contest is now closed. Winners will be posted 12pm EST Tuesday, March 11, 2008. To avoid confusion for future readers, comments are now closed at this time.