New cover, old story

Pretty new cover… Syneca did an excellent job.

I actually have a couple of new covers to share but I’m going to drag it out. 😉 Figure I can do a short excerpt with each one, and viola… promo. I’ll feel like I’ve actually done some.

Good idea?

Whipped Cream & Handcuffs is actually one of my older books~I think it was the second book I wrote for EC. It’s one of their short stories, a quick, fun little quickie~ of the friends-to-lovers type thing, but with with a secret admirer sort of twist.

This is still just in ebook form for now. It will go into print though, sooner or later.

Short excerpt below~it’s not too risque as far my erotic romance books go, but still, I wouldn’t read it at work.


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When she still slept on, he slid the blindfold over her face, tying it securely after rolling her onto her side to face him. Then he dug out the padded restraints, and took her arms over her head, looping the restraints through the wrought iron slats on her headboard.

Still no sign of waking.

What to do first?

Tessa came awake slowly, certain she was dreaming. Big, hot hands, roughened with calluses, were stroking over her body, gently, soothingly. Bewildered, she opened her eyes but couldn’t see. And when she tried to move her hands, she couldn’t move.

But before panic could even set in, a rough, familiar voice whispered in her ear, “Don’t be afraid. I told you it would be soon. Tonight I am going to show you just how completely you are mine.”

“What are you doing here?” she gasped, unable to calm the fear that had filled her when she had wakened. She swore she felt him smile, felt the lazy heat of his amusement while he stared down at her.

“What do you think I am doing here, Tessa?” he asked quietly. His rough, low voice sent shivers down her spine, tightened her nipples. “I won’t hurt you. I’d never hurt you. I just want to touch you, feel how soft you are, feel you move underneath me while I ride
you. And we’ll wait a while before we bring out the whipped cream.”

He didn’t promise to leave out the handcuffs.

Oh, hell, it was really him.

“You…” she whispered shakily. Tiny darts of fear were indeed shooting through her, but she could feel no malice, no ill intent from this man, and she never had. His hands stroking over her felt loving, protective. “I want to see you.”

“Not yet, Tessa,” he whispered against her ear, nuzzling it gently before catching the fleshy lobe in his mouth and biting gently. “I told you how I wanted to take you.”

“You can’t,” she said weakly. “I don’t know you.”

He laughed, a soft, gentle sound as he kissed his way down her neck. “You’ve always known me.”