Happy Valentine's Day


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And onto today’s post…

I like Valentine’s Day. Granted, I’ve been with my husband since the summer Ilips.jpg turned 15, more than half my life now and haven’t really spent too many Valentine Days alone, so I realize I’m prejudiced. I’m also extremely materialistic and do so love getting pressies. *G* Hey, I’m honest, I admit my weaknesses, that’s gotta count for something, right?So what’s your Valentine’s Day going to be…you flying solo? With the DH or SO or going out with a bunch of friends?

A contest of sorts…one will have two winners…I want to know the best and the worst Valentine’s Day story you have. Make me sniffle and get all misty eyed with your sweetest story, and then make me grit my teeth over something a boyfriend/spouse/ whatever did on Valentine’s Day, or one you spent by yourself, or whatever made it a bad one.

I’ll draw two winners, one from the sniffle-happy-sigh posts and one from oh-man-you-poor-thing/oh-man-you-gotta-be-kidding me posts. You can try to do one for each, but in this instance, make sure you post the good and the bad separately, to make it easier for me to pick out the winners. FYI, you can enter both… but you can’t win both.

Prizes TBA when I draw the winners!