Five books I won't part with

In a totally random moment…I was thinking about books. My books, specifically. Not the ones I’ve written, but the ones I own, the ones I’d rush to get after I got the kids, my DH, the pets, my wedding album and my laptop, if the house caught on fire.

They are….in no specific order…

  • The Bible my dad gave me when I was 9. It was right after my grandmother had died. It’s rather tattered now, but still precious.
  • The Ghost of Opalina by Peggy Bacon, a book written in 1967, one of my fave books when I was little, and seriously out of print.  But I adored it, wanted a copy… so much that I spent about $300 buying the copy I have over at Ebay.
  • Beyond Varallan/Endurance by SL Viehl… (what do you mean that’s two books… it counts as one because they are side by side and I grab with one hand… see?????)
  • Honest Illusions by Nora Roberts…my first NR book, happy, addicted sigh.
  • Winds of Change by Mercedes Lackey. Not my first fantasy book, but Mercedes Lackey is the author that got me addicted to fantasy, and WOC is my fave from her.

So if you had to grab six five books, what would they be?