Buckling down

So on March 1, the next round of 70 Days of Sweat starts.

The past two rounds have really done me a lot of good. For some reason, when I know I’ve gotta speak and say Hey, I got this much done…or worse…Uh, I didn’t get much done at all, it helps me to focus.

I’ve also got RT coming up in April, so I’m planning on making some serious headway on my deadlines. The projects I’ve got worked out for this round are

  • Chains (single author erotic romance antho for Berkley)-it’s at 20k. Needs to 90k. But will probably be longer.
  • VV (working title, paranormal romance for EC) goal word count 30k.
  • untitled paranormal for Samhain goal word count 30k

So I got plenty to keep me busy. I’m not going into hiding on the blog, but if I’m not posting as much, or if I’m not out in blogland as much, it’s just because I need to get this stuff done.

We’re talking a possible trip to Alaska for our family vacation this summer and I think I’ll enjoy myself more if I get these out of the way. 😉