As good as….Me


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And onto today’s post…

One line I see when I’m doing my various procrastinating bloghopping uh… working, yeah, we’ll call it working, is this…

Well, I like her but she’ll never be another…(fill in the blank).

It’s a line that as a reader confuses me. As a writer, I shrug it off. As competitive as I am, and trust me, I’m seriously competitive, I don’t want to be another anybody. I just want to write the best book that I can. I want to be the best writer I can be. So when I see it, the writer in me shrugs it off. I want to be as good as I can be. I don’t want to compare myself to another writer.

Don’t get me wrong~I so wish I could have been the genius that came up with Eve/Roarke or Cherijo/Duncan. But I wasn’t the genius and instead of trying to do something similar, I’d rather come up with my own brand of genius. (Hey, a girl can hope, right?)

The writer in me shrugs it off. But the reader in me gets confused and I mean seriously confused.

I adore the Stardoc books. I’ll push them on anybody who will listen to me and I’ve convinced some people who’ve never looked at science fiction to give them a try. I simply adore the books. When the series comes to an end, you shall hear a wail of mourning from the central US and it will be me.

But as much as I love them, I don’t want to find ‘another’ SL Viehl. One thing that makes her Stardoc books so fantastic is that they are unique.

Likewise on JD Robb and the Eve Dallas books. I love that series. But I don’t want another JD Robb cropping up.

The uniqueness of something is what makes it special~now granted, that might come from a lifetime of being told I’m not weird…I’m unique. Trust me, I’m weird, but I’m cool with that.

It’s kind of like…I dunno, chocolate. If you aren’t a chocolate addict, then fill in whatever food is your dream food. As much as you love it, imagine a diet of nothing but that. Ever. I think I’d rather never have chocolate again than to exist on nothing but chocolate.

It’s the same with books. If every book out there was similar, then nothing would stand out.

Nothing would be special.

And it would all get very, very boring.