A question I love…and hate…

And love.

And hate.

And love.

And …. you get the picture, right?

It’s the question…

“So when are we going to get [fill in the blank]’s story…”

Why do I love this question?

That’s easy. Usually readers aren’t going to ask to see a book about a secondary character if they hated a book. So it means whatever book they saw the secondary character in, if they ask that question, it generally means they liked the book.

I love it when people like the books.

Why do I hate this question?

*Cringe* Not every character I introduce into a book is meant to get a book. Some secondary characters are just that…secondary. Some of them don’t have a story to tell, and some of them might, but it’s not really a story worth telling.

I hate telling somebody who’s really hoping for a certain story that there just won’t be one. I very rarely say No because when I say No even if I hadn’t ever thought that character had a story, that’s when I realize there is a story.

Then there are the characters that I know have a story. They just wait until a certain time to tell me they have a story. And it’s usually when I’m busy working on two three four other projects. When I’m buried in one story, that’s when a character likes to come up and tap me on the shoulder and go, Okay, so here’s how it happens…

Then there are the ones who I know I need to tell the story, but that character just isn’t interested in talking to me. And I can’t do anything until that character is ready to talk.

And speaking of characters, I have a few waiting for me…