The weirdness of writing

So in addition to my addiction to the plagiarism issues being posted over @ Dear Author, I’ve also been glued to my desk because of drug research.

Man, and I thought the days of pouring over pharmacology sites were behind me. …NOT… of course, this isn’t work related. My online reading over the weekend consisted of going through sites looking for a specific kind of drug and a street name that might not be too obscure.

This search took from legit, well-sourced sites like webmd and the website for the Office of National Drug Control Policy to some…not so well sourced.

I end up finding one decent book that might have the info I need and possibly come in handy in the future. Of course, it’s a handbook geared at law enforcement personnel… and it’s a textbook. Which means it cost an arm and a leg.

But thank God for B&N memberships and coupons. That $90 something book cost me $54. 😉

Late last night, I finally finished researching things like scopolamine (some scary crap there) & atropine and other lovely (not) drugs.

Now my head is full of crap I’d really rather not know about. But do I stop?

Noooooo… what do you think is pulled up in the other tabs of my browser?