So Round #2 of 70 Days of Sweat is pretty much wrapped up.

As usual, I didn’t write my starting word counts down someplace…I kept track of the numbers in the sidebar, but I can’t remember what the starting numbers were. But thanks to Ms. Bettie Sharpe and her handy dandy word count tracker, I do have a guess. I didn’t start using it until about two or three weeks into the challenge, but hey… it’s an idea, right?

I’d say all in all, I managed about 140k this round. I finished up a proposal, I finished up Hearts & Wishes (formerly Christmas Kissed) & Share & Share Alike and yep, that title is changing, too. Plus I got proposals turned in for three new books and sold the three of them, halfway done with my next ebook for Samhain so I’m satisfied.

What about you? Did you join in? How did you do? I saw some people a little disappointed because they didn’t meet their goals, but one thing I think all of the sponsors agree on is that it’s not necessarily the word count that matters right now, especially if you’re still finding your feet when it comes to writing.

The main thing is that you set yourself a goal to write regularly, and you did it.

That’s the important thing.