Another one bites the dust

Printed off the last page for Fragile (**title subject to change…especially with me) a few hours ago.

It’s a romantic suspense and probably the first romantic suspense I’ve done that required that much thought and planning. I think if I’d im’d Lora one more time to nag, bug or bounce ideas, she might have smacked me. Okay, okay… she wouldn’t, but still.

I love finishing up a book, but at the same time I hate it. Because now the worrying starts.

Will the editor like it?

Does the plot make sense?

Did I work hard enough to hide the villain? … I hate a transparent villain…

Did I make the hero, the heroine, the secondaries believable and sympathetic?

What about the risks I took with this heroine…are they too much? Because damn, are there a few risks.

Will readers like it?

Am I wasting my time even trying to write? (Yes… I ask myself this very, very…very often)

Even though I had three very blunt, very honest people go through it as I working on it, I still wonder if it’s a stupid story, an unbelievable one, or one that is just isn’t all that good.

My editors, my agent, they all keep telling me to stop being so paranoid. And I keep telling them it’s part of my charm…hey, it’s a good a reply as any. I don’t really see me getting over that paranoia any time soon.