13 Reasons I Didn't Sleep Tuesday Night


  1. I keep hearing voices.

  2. I have four different voices rambling on inside my head.

  3. No, I’m not crazy, I’m a writer and I’m nearing the “DARK MOMENT” part of my current WIP.

  4. Ever tried to sleep with dialogue running through your mind?

  5. Stupid characters obviously don’t understand the value of sleep.

  6. That’s okay. I’ll shut them up with a couple of Tylenol PM.

  7. I have to help out at the MD’s office tomorrow and I am not pulling an all nighter just to work on their book.

  8. I’ll finish it up Thursday.  I plan on writing all day on Thursday.  Can’t you all talk to me then?

  9. Great… the baby bratlet just woke up… sigh.  Maybe I’ll be pulling the all-nighter after all.

  10. *voices* again.  I am not turning on the laptop.  For crying out loud, I wrote a good fifteen pages of your story today!

  11. You know… your book isn’t due out into the editor for a few weeks yet.  You don’t have to get written right now.

  12. That’s it. I’m going to write your character into a pink tutu and a feather head dress. Might not be too bad, except-you being the hero and all, I don’t think pink and feathers are your thing.

  13. Ahhhhh…. silence.   The pink tutu and feathers threat shut him up.  Temporarily. Now to go deal with the baby bratlet.  Somehow, I don’t think pink tutus and feathers are going to work on her.

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