Wrapping it up

It’s late Monday night as I write this post. I just now finished the final read through on The Missing, the paranormal romance that I’m writing for Berkley.

Man, there is nothing like finishing up that last word.  Doing that final run through.  And what’s really cool about this one is that this book wasn’t due in originally for another six weeks.  My editor extended the deadline at my request when she asked me for the historical novella.  It’s official deadline is now Jan 1, 2008.  ;o)  I think I’m going to get it in a little sooner than that.

This whole 70 Days of Sweat has been good for me.

Here’s how I started out originally back on July 9 when I hem-hawed and finally decided it couldn’t hurt to do the challenge.

The Missing target word count 90K
Word count as of 7/9 9k, give or take.  Finished @ 91K

One of the Guys word count 25k
Word count as of 7/9 12k, give or take.  Finished @ 35K

Historical novella target word count 25k
Word count as of 7/9 18k, give or take.  Finished @ 29K

Not listed at the original start point was Beautiful Girl, and I figure it had a work count of around 20k.  Target was 25K.  It finished up @ 49K.

Also finished a proposal for a new Hunters book and that is currently residing with my editor so we’ll see where that one goes.  It’s at 25K, give or take.

If I did my math right, I plunked out about 145K, give or take a little, in about 70days.  I didn’t write every day.  I didn’t keep spreadsheets or make notes.  I’m not terribly organized.

But I finished four books, all in various stages and most of them only half, or less, done.  There are a couple of others I’m working on that I’ll keep working on as this first challenge winds down.

It’s doable.  If you were thinking about joining and didn’t, give it a shot the next go. If I can do this, as scattered, disorganized and undisciplined as I am… so can you.