More on Mondays


It’s fall, getting close to Halloween, time for trick or treats, haunted houses and scary movies.  I love haunted houses and scary movies.  Love, love, love them.

Also love books about things that go bump in the night and not necessarily romance.  This time of year, for some reason, I always get hankering for LKH…the earlier books.  Blue Moon, Circus of the Damned-I couldn’t get enough.

So in tribute to the coming fall… what I want more of

A couple of new haunted houses~the ones we have around here havent’ changed drastically in the past few years and I’m ready for something different.

Some more LKH books~the way they used to be.  But don’t know that I’ll get them so I’ll just re-read Blue Moon again.

Some good scary movies~I’m not talking gory.  I’m talking scary.  If you can scare me without splashing blood all over the place, then you’ve done your job and earned your money and I want more.  Pretty please.

That’s it for this week…