Writing Workshop Coming Up

So I got a birthday greeting in the email along with a reminder… cough cough… that payback was hell.

Lynn Viehl told me she would get me for getting her with that meme and it’s payback time.  She’s doing her second annual Left Behind and Loving It workshop and she is making me asked me if I would like to participate.

Something that’s been on my mind lately has been the lack of emotion in some erotic romances lately.  I write erotic romance.  I can tell what’s missing in some of the erotic romances.  So I can do this… right?

The little informal poll I did the other day confirmed basically what I already knew.  But still, it was interesting to see how many leaned towards extra heat versus extra heart.  The vast majority however responded that both heart and heat are equally important in an erotic romance.

I personally feel that the heart is a little more important.  If the heart is there, the emotion is there, and when there’s emotion, it adds something to that heat that no amount of sexual tension or love scenes could do.  I’ll be getting things together and will hopefully will start the workshop on Tuesday, although I don’t know if it will just be a one day thing.

If you’re a writer already in the erotic romance field, feel free to join in the discussion.  If you’re an aspiring writer and want to read more about how emotion and heart can make your erotic romance stand out from the others, maybe this will help.

And my disclaimer… I’m totally unorganized.  It’s a personality trait.  Doing anything organized goes against my grain.  So if my workshop seems a little…. rambling… blame PBW.  After all, she’s making me do it.