Vaya con Dios…and a sort of weird contest

**This Contest is Now Closed-June30** 

Things about to start getting crazy around here so I won’t be around much or responding to comments, either.  Tomorrow, we leave for Cincinatti for a few days.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, I’m covering at the doctor’s office again.  Thursday, we leave for Atlanta for two days, and then on Gulf Shores, Alabama for a week.  To make sure people don’t forget about me and my little blog, I have some posts written ahead of time and a few guest bloggers so even though I’m not here, the blog isn’t going to fade away while I’m MIA the next week or two.

Before I say adios for a few days, I’m going to do a little contest.  Enter only ONCE… I do check ISPs when I’m going thru the entries so double entries won’t do any good.  Contest is open to all, regardless of where you live.

And what is the contest for?  Welll…. probably a book.  Definitely some promo goodies that a friend picked up for me in Texas at RT a few weeks back.  Some of them are the standard things, little pens, notebooks with the author’s info on them.  There’s one of the stress thingies in the shape of a heart.  There were some mardi gras beads which my daughter took.  A car which my son took.  And pens… lots and lots of pens.

Pens are a pretty standard promo thing.  Everybody uses them.  Everybody loses them.  We always need more pens.  The notebooks can be handy if you’re a notebook user.  The mardi gras beads entertained my baby until I took them away from her and she threw a bloody fit.

I’m always trying to think of a clever, inexpensive promo item, but I can’t think of too many things that haven’t already been done. 

Soooooo…. why don’t you all do the thinking for me?  Toss out your most outlandish, or sensible ideas, and I’ll draw a name from the commenters and the winner will get…. you guessed it… some of these promo items that a friend swiped for me. 

Enter only once!  As always, the winner’s name will be posted here and it’s your responsibility to check back and see if it’s you.  If I don’t hear from you within a few days, your prize gets regiven.  I’ll draw a winner sometime next week before I leave for vacation.