So I’ve been doing some research for a book.  Couldn’t find some of the info I needed at the sites I would have used a year ago… one of them has practically turned into one of those EVOL link farms.  Ugh.

Ended up emailing Mary Wine~not only is she a kick butt writer, she’s a virtual information fountain and she helped me muddle my way thru a sticking point.  At 1 am, btw. 

Went to bed…the baby bratlet woke up fussing and the DH was the one to hear her first so he brings her to bed and I barely woke up.  I woke about about a hour ago, I guess, when she decided to start playing instead of sleeping.  While I was laying there nursing here, it hit me.

The book I’m working on was just the barest little beginning.  The opening scene, nothing more.  I basically know the hero…getting to know the heroine, although thanks to the talk with Mary last night, I know her a little better now.  I was rolling it thru my mind while the baby bratlet nursed and bam.

Lightning strike.  Or maybe idea strike.  New title, better ending, some more secondaries…I love it when it suddenly becomes clear like that.  This planning it out in advance is a lot more productive than picking my way thru page by page.  Now excuse me while I go jot my notes down.

;o)  And nope…I can’t share story details yet.  But I will…. soon!