New release

Taking the lazy way out today.  I need to hit get some serious work done on several WIPs and since today is a release day at EC, I’m using that to get out of a serious, insightful (choke, choke) well thought out blog post.  ;o)   See…I can do humor…

There’s an excerpt up at the AM blog here.  This is straight contemp, no shifters, no psychics, no vamps, which I don’t do much anymore. It was a nice change for me…hopefully for you as well!

And now I’m going to grab something to eat, finish my email and do a quick blog run before I get to work.  Later~

Oops!  Edited to add… don’t forget the BOMContest… May’s book is I See You by Holly Lisle.  Click the BOMC category in the sidebar to read up about the book and the contest.