I hate cliffhangers.

I love cliffhangers.

It’s a love/hate relationship.  I hate waiting for the resolution, whether it’s in a book that isn’t due out for a year, or a series that’s done for the year.  Tonight’s Law & Order: SVU definitely had a cliffhanger. 

The captain better not get fired.  The ADA better not get fired.  I know Benson & Stabler are cool… I mean, Benson and Stabler are SVU.  Tutuola (did I spell that right?) is safe, and so is Munch, I’d guess.  Although they did introduce a new detective.  And I’m rambling…

Speaking as a writer, cliffhangers can be fantastic.  That build up as readers wait impatiently to find out what the author is going to do…been there, done that and I won’t ever forgive some of the torture that SL Viehl has put me thru with the Stardoc books.  Beyond Varallan?  Oh, I wanted to kill somebody.

That book you wait so impatiently for gets out, readers pounce and devour it in a matter of hours, or at least I do.

When it comes to movies or series, the same premise works.  People are dying to see what’s going to happen…will the Captain be fired…Did Prue really die… Will Jack Sparrow be saved?

So yeah, I understand the reasoning behind cliffhangers, but I sure hate it when I’m the one doing the waiting.  When does the new SVU season start and does anybody know who did the vocals for the song as the show was going off?