Calling All Bloggers…

I’m going to be helping out with the old day job for about two weeks while somebody is on vacation.  Then I’m going on vacation.  White sands, beach, sun…. (at least there better be sun) here I come.

So instead of letting the blog sit dormant for a few weeks, I’m playing with the idea of having a few guest bloggers.  Readers, pubbed & aspiring authors, editors, cover artists, reviewers, the neighbor’s cat(provided she can write a blog post)…all are welcome.  If you have an idea that you’d like to blog about, email me and we’ll talk about it. 

I will need the posts in advance.  I’ll either figure out how to set posts to post at a certain time or I’m going to con, uh, politely ask a friend to help me out while I’m gone.

There are going to be a few rules…hey, I’m a bit of a control freak, what can I say?

The rules…

  1. I’m going to read the post.  If I decide I don’t want to post it, that’s my call.
  2. For authors, nothing totally promo based.  Sorry, but this is my blog.  I can and do promote authors I enjoy, but straight promo crap…. the read me, buy my book, it’s so awesome…is too boring for words, IMHO.  If you have a book coming out, or already out, that you’d like to talk about…provided you’re not just doing a promo push, then write the post and email it to me and we’ll see.  Humorous things, weird things, things about getting published that you weren’t expecting, these are entertaining…and they are promo…and this is fine.  That kind of stuff is interesting.
  3. Courtesy!  If you send me a post that you’d like me to use as a guest post, it needs to be courteous.  FYI, courtesy isn’t the same as if you can’t say something nice.  Not the same at all.  The Ja(y)nes criticize books all the time, but they do it in a way that manages to be generally courteous.  I have no issues with snark, but if you send me a post that’s little more than flamage, I hit the delete key.
  4. No hot spots.  I don’t know why anybody would want to discuss politics on a romance blog anyway, but just in case…no politics, no religious discussions.  Not that I’m opposed to these in theory, but I’ve seen too many of these ‘discussions’ boil down in to a flame fest where one side insults the other side, and then the other side insults right back.  I don’t like my beliefs and opinions mocked any more than any other person, so in order to avoid this happening, we just won’t go there.

Hmmmm…. that’s all I can think of for now.  If anything else comes to mind, I’ll add it in later.

For those who are interested, you can email me your general idea and a roughed out draft of your post.  If I want to post it, I’ll get back to you.  email is and put guest blog submission in the subject line.


  • I don’t know how many guest posts I will post.  Depends on how many I receive, how many I like, and how many I think would appeal to the general readers coming here.  If you send me one and I don’t pick it, don’t take it personal. 
  • These guest blogs will be the opinion of each individual blogger and my posting it doesn’t mean I agree with them.