More on Mondays

This is by no means an attempt to start a big huge new meme.

However, I keep telling myself I need to get a more organized ‘blog plan’ so to speak.  So on Mondays, if I can remember, I’m going to start doing a More on Mondays type post.

More what?

Well, if you blog, feel free to do your own More on Mondays.  Five things you’d like more of.  Can be philosophical, can be material, can be pretty much anything you’d like more.  Just give me five.

My five today…

  1. Time.  Seems there is never enough of it.  Never enough time for my kids.  They are growing so fast. Never enough time for the DH. Never enough time for writing (granted, I waste a lot of it).  I’d just like more time.
  2. Yesterday.  It was so frickin fan-tabulous.  Blue sky, puffy clouds, warm weather.  Started out kind of sucking cuz I had a backache and ended up not going to church.  Motrin and a hot bath helped and I spent the day reading outside while my kids played.
  3. Space.  Three bedroom house, my own office and I still don’t have enough space here
  4. More Stardoc books, more In Death books, and more LKH books like NightSeer.   They are books.  They are some of my faves.  Need I say more?  ;o)
  5. White chocolate Easter bunny suckers from Schimpffs.  I already ate all of mine.

So there’s my five.  If you want to play, feel free to do so here or on your own blog. If you do your five on your own blog, feel free to leave a link!