Deadline Crunch

Going to be off and on here for a few days.

I’m like thiiiiisssss close to being done on Through The Veil, my next book contracted with Berkley.  Deadline is May 1 and I’ll get it done by then, although I want to be done sooner.

Thiiiissss close and it’s eating up most of my brain so if I can’t think of anything but the book, I may not be blogging much.  I do have a few posts I’ve stockpiled for rainy days so I’ll try to remember to get them posted.

Leaving for Indianapolis tomorrow, going to stay overnight so I don’t have to make the baby bratlet spend four hours in the car in one day.  She had enough of that last week.  We’ll go up tomorrow and come back after the signing on Saturday.  Hopefully I can talk the DH into stopping at a few bookstores so I sign stock. 

Man, I’m going to be soooooo glad when this book is done.  Of course once it’s done, I then have the wonderful paranoia period…what if it sucks will be my predominant thought for quite a while.  But still, I’ll be glad when it’s done.